Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I usually have bacon on my mind but now I have it on my hands. This latest Mad Meat Genius acquisition is a hand sanitizer called ‘Porkkleen. This is an Ethyl (not Fred) alcohol based cleanser with a bacon scent used to decrease bacteria on your hands. My hands usually smell like bacon anyway so a sanitizer probably would be prudent.

A small dab of Porkkleen was applied and rubbed into my hands. My schnozzola was lowered to my hands and I was overtaken by the Ethyl Alcohol fumes. After the alcohol evaporated and I closed my eyes and thought about images and fragrances of bacon, it might of smelled like bacon. I will stick to directly rubbing my hands on a nice smoky slab of cured pork belly for bacon fragrance. A few germs never hurt anybody.


Greg said...

Does Jack Daniels sanitize your hands? ;)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I could never waste Jack like that. I may just do it the old fashion way: soap & water.

Zoomie said...

I'm with you - a few germs won't hurt you. Hand sanitizers just kill the weak germs, leaving the strong ones to multiply and prosper.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, They are convienent and the bacon fragrance sold me. Bacon scented soap?