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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Bacon honey of course, why not? The ‘Heirloom Honey’ company of Central Valley California has taken raw honey and infused it with ‘Natural’ flavors. With over 25 different flavors, bacon caught my eye. We were at the Asparagus festival and found the Heirloom Honey booth. I asked the vendor what is natural bacon flavor? She explained it was natural flavor from bacon. I should have known. We purchased this honey and also an amaretto flavored honey.

We have returned home and are inspecting our honey purchase. You will notice in the above image the white streaks at the top of the honey bottle. We are assuming that this is the natural bacon flavor. Is it possible that these streaks may be wonderful, flavorful bacon fat? Ms. Goofy baked some of her special rolls for this special tasting. The rolls were still warm while we slathered them with butter. A big scoop of bacon honey was applied to Ms. Goofy’s buns.

This honey is really good. Raw honey has a fresh sweet comforting flavor. Did it taste like bacon? No, not really. There was a slight flavor of smoke. I tried closing my eyes and thinking of bacon. It still just tasted like good honey with a hint of smoke. We were not disappointed with the honey but it did not deliver bacon flavor.

Heirloom Honey
559 618-0964


Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, Ditto

Greg said...

Throw a slab oh bacon on those buns!!

Chilebrown said...

Thankyou Greg, We are picking up our allotment of "Damn Fine Bacon" tomorrow.

Star_EAtl said...

My mom is the one who sold you the honey. She's one great lady :) Glad you got to meet her and that you enjoyed it!

Chilebrown said...

Star Eatl, Your mom is a great lady and a good saleswomen. Your honey is the best I have ever had. Thanks.

Chris said...

The real reason behind Colony Collapse Disorder is that the bees are now eating bacon, causing arterial clogging and they are dying off. ;)