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Sunday, May 26, 2013

3rd Annual Blues, Brews, & BBQ

What a great way to start out a long weekend. We participated and experienced the 3rd annual 'Blues, Brews & BBQ' in Brentwood California. Ms. Goofy and I polished our judges badges and bravely sampled and scored some of the best BBQ in the nation. I say bravely because if you look real close at the rib in the above image you may notice a little charcoal coloring. This actually was a stunt rib offered as a joke by the team of "Burnt Offerings BBQ". We would like to share a couple of images of the day with you.

There was a good crowd that was in a festive mood. There was plenty to do and see on this bright sunny day.. It is always fun to watch the competitors work their magic with fire and smoke. There was plenty of food offerings for the hungry masses. Of course some adult beverages was the prevalent crowd choice. The "Sierra Nevada' beer booth took good care of that. There was a car show that displayed some highly polished classic vehicles. Booths hawking products and services was there for the browsing. If you were still in the shopping mode a lot of tony shops were available. Of course we were there for the BBQ.

The team of "Too Ashamed to Name must of bought their tent on sale because when they put it together it came up a little short. Short on stature but tall on bbq skills.

Ryan Pang of 'Bad S BBQ had a great promotion of giving away a free stuffed toy with each purchase. I was really tempted to try his different offerings of chili. "Oh come on!".  I would of given the stuffed animal to Ms. Goofy. There was a team with the name "Team Bacon". As some of you may know I like bacon. I have been known to sometimes go a little overboard and today was no exception. I begged Team Bacon to let me  join the group. My attempt was short lived because I  realized I had judging duties to perform.

 The bbq entries had been received and scored. It was time to relax and wait for the award ceremony. This group had a very comfortable set up. The awards would not be announced until 5:30. Ms. Goofy and I had to return home. Luckily our friend Jon of the team "Smokey J's Bar-B-Que kept us informed of the awards ceremony by social media. It was not the same as being there but we were on the edge of our seats waiting for the calls.

This young gentleman  taking a nap, before winning 5th place overall, is Zach Galiste of the team "Son of Smoke". He is the future of Barbeque Competition. Congratulations to Zach and Derrick Galiste. Reserve Grand Champions went to 'Big B's Down & Dirty". "Drum roll please" The Grand Champion trophy was awarded to the team of "Burnin and Lootin". It was a great day! 


Zoomie said...

Yay! Your favorite kind of weekend!

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Yes it was.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Competitions are always a good time Chilebrown. We had fun at Roc City this weekend. Can't wait on the next time out.

Chris said...

I always enjoy bbq contest pictorials. Alexis and I have our judges class tomorrow morning, I can't wait.