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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Be forewarned, you will now experience a typical day in the life of Chilebrown. I have met and conquered El Chupacabra (The Goat Sucker). When I am not judging BBQ competitions, managing farmers markets, searching for the ultimate Chile-Verde and local butcher shops, hot sauces are my passion. Yes, I admit that one of my favorite hangouts is ‘Heat Hot Sauce Shop’ of Berkeley California. Let’s start from the beginning. CaJohn’s is a manufacture of high quality hot sauces. I was a recipient of a free hot sauce from a giveaway on Facebook. This particular sauce is considered a super ultra-hot, non extract elixir. This sauce is not for the hot sauce challenged. I was a little apprehensive and possibly a little afraid of this heat bomb. In the next several moments we are going to meet the sauce, the tasters and tell you how it tasted. Please, continue reading at your own risk.

The Sauce

A journey into the unknown and unexplained tells us of a beast that devours and mutilates livestock. This is the legendary El Chupacabra. El Chupacabra hot sauce like the beast, may cause harm to us after ingesting this potent line up of super hot Caribbean chile’s.  An all-star exotic line up of Bhut Jolokia, Scotch Bonnet, Trinidad Scorpion, 7-Pot, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga peppers is putting fear into me now. There are also carrots, onion, mustard, vinegar and spices to tame this bevy of peppers. This may be one of the hottest sauces (non extract) on the market today

The Tasters

Dylan & Becky are owners of the newly opened hot sauce shop “Heat”. They have a great shop that has an extensive inventory of wonderful hot sauces. They even bottle and sell three sauces of their own. Dylan & Becky are more than willing to open a hot sauce bottle to sample and taste. These two have knowledge and fortitude to share this bottle of El Chupacabra. I trust that they can handle the heat of this formidable hot sauce. Ms. Goofy did not want any part of this experiment. I was having a few reservations myself. This would be a serious tasting. A bottle of milk was purchased just in case. Drinking dairy can sooth and calm the burning sensation. Dylan, Becky and I were ready to try El Chupacabra.


The sauce is an inviting red/orange thick smooth puree. No seeds are present. The top was ceremoniously removed. Pure hot exotic pepper aroma filled the shop and instilled fear into my mind. It is time to meet El Chupacabra. We pour cautiously into our tasting spoons. We glanced at each other. I made sure the milk was handy and ready. I taste fruity hot peppers, Dylan tastes mustard, and Becky is feeling a little dizzy. These are our initial thoughts and feelings. The second wave and experience is the heat building in your mouth. Did I just swallow a live hot coal? That is an exaggeration but it is a heat that puts your endorphins into overdrive. Dylan and I both had sinus reactions that put the Kleenex to use. Becky was fine with a couple of sips of coffee.

 When the fire subsided, we all agreed that this sauce did have great appeal. The peppers did have a Caribbean flair with its mustard, carrots and onions singing backup. You cannot ignore the heat. It is there and needs to be respected. We are professionals. (Did I really just say that?) CaJohn’s has a unique and very special sauce with El Chupacabra. This sauce will make any serious Chilehead happy. I am glad I was able to share it with Dylan, Becky and You the readers. We have conquered El Chuacabra!!!!!!!!


DylanKeenen said...

Great post! Thanks for bringing that by. It was quite an awesome experience to say the least!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Wow, I have acid reflux just reading this... Try OJ with your next out of body hot sauce experience. Or, red wine if you want to ratchet up the pain...

Thanks for the laugh. I needed it Chilebrown...

Zoomie said...

Very fun post. As you know, I'm still taking baby steps into the hot sauce world, but at least I splash Cholula around like it's ketchup. :-)

Chilebrown said...

Dylankeenen, We conquered El Chupacabra. I look forward to experiencing, sampling and buying many more sauces. Thanks.

Three Dog BBQ, Milk or ice cream seems to do the trick. I will try OJ. I am going to stay away from the red wine.

Zoomie, Heat Hot Sauce Shop is the perfect store just for YOU!!!!! They have all sorts of flavors with many different heat levels. I am positive Dylan & Becky can find the perfect sauce tailor made just for you.Plus it is just a fun store.

Greg said...

Now that's a face. :) I might have some Cap-stun around here if that's not enough fun. You wild and crazy guy!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Have a wild and crazy time on your vacation.

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Chris said...

Yeah, don't think I would touch that one.

You and the Mrs have inspired us, Alexis and I have finally signed up for our KCBS judge class for June 1.

Chilebrown said...

Chris, It is about time.Judging has been very, very good to us.