Chilebrown at home

Sunday, May 5, 2013


“All Around The Mulberry Bush The Monkey Chased The Weasel”

Super Food; Cancer prevention, life extension, blood tonic, kidney strengthener, liver cleanser, anemia treatment, cold & flu prevention, premature gray hair remedy or great tasting berry. To be honest I have never saw a monkey chase a weasel or tasted a mulberry until now. Contrary to the nursery rhyme the mulberry is grown from trees. They are making an appearance at local Farmers Markets. Two varieties, blond & red, and different sizes are there for the offering. We picked up a mixed basket to give them a try.

The texture is soft like a blackberry. I would compare the flavor to a blackberry also. The reds were sweeter than the blondes. Ms. Goofy compared the flavor to peach or apricot. They are delicate and would be great on top of your morning cereal. We decided to make some mulberry corn bread.

The weather has been sizzling with summer like temperatures, so instead of heating up the kitchen we opted to cook our corn bread in our trusty black iron dutch oven. We used a simple recipe that works well in our outdoor ovens. This fruity corn bread was a ‘Super Food’ winner. We may have gained some health benefits but truth be told it was darn tasty!


Three Dogs BBQ said...

Looking good Chilebrown. Do they have seeds like raspberries?

Zoomie said...

Memories of a mulberry tree that we had in our side yard when i was a kid. The berries made great ammo for fights with neighborhood weasels, We were occasionally wild little monkeys.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, If they have any they are so small we did not notice them.

Zoomie, That is a fun childhood food memory. I remember the smell of a fig tree next to my pal Rex's house.

Greg said...

Now you tell me about the grey hair thing!! ;)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, We had the mulberries several days ago and I have not noticed any results yet. Fingers are crossed.

cookiecrumb said...

I've always wanted to try some. I know there are trees in my area, but I'm short.

Lea Ann said...

We had both gold and purple mulberry trees along the road on the farm in Kansas. Wonder if they're still there. We used to pick them and eat them as we walked along the dirt road. I've never seen them sold.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I would suggest getting a running start first. If that does not work how about Cranky's shoulders. You did not mention if these trees are in other peoples yards. Be careful!

Lea Ann, I always thought mulberries were a fictional fruit until now. It is like I just discovered a new fruit. When you lived in Kansas did you ever meet Dorothy Gale?