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Friday, March 21, 2014


This is not an official review but I would like to share a special bbq sauce with you. This bbq sauce was won in a contest. I actually got to chose my prize from an extensive list of sauces. This sauce caught my eye for several reasons. It is in a  cute honey badger container. It is made with honey and habanero peppers. The cost was 15 dollars a bottle for this limited edition bottle. This is a lot of money for a bbq sauce. Since it was not my dime I chose 'Honey Badger Triple Hot"

Straight out of the bottle this sauce rocks with honey and habanero flavor. It is sweet with a tomato base. This sauce is not for the chile pepper challenged. I would rate it two stars out of five on the heat meter. Using triple hot on the label may be a little exaggerated. It does pack a punch but does not punish. We tried the sauce on our go to bbq sauce testing meat of chicken wings. I brought the wings to our local dart tournament. Everybody raved about these wings. They loved the balance of sweet to heat. Granted their faces were flushed and some broke out is sweat. Ms. Goofy and I enjoyed this sauce. This sauce was very good but I would not purchase it with the 15 dollar price tag.

Honey Badger


Greg said...

Honey Badger don't give a ;)

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Damn, I forgot to buy honey today... Looks good, sounds good, but I to would not lay three fins out for a bottle of BBQ sauce. Unless of course it would guarantee a walk at a competition...

Chilebrown said...

Greg, It is good stuff except for the price tag.

Three Dogs BBQ, This sauce would be to warm for competition.