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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Johnson Farm is the location of Leonardo's Produce, our new favorite Sunday produce excursion. They own the land which Leonardo organically tends and runs his market. Johnson Farm has a small line-up of quality products that is raised and produced on their property. Johnson Farms has local honey, farm fresh eggs, Berkshire pork and next month, Black Angus beef. Today we want to share our purchase of Berkshire pork rib chops and a small roast.The grill and smoker will transform this heritage pork to some tasty meals.

We grilled some rib chops. A light dusting of "The rub of the day" would be our only seasoning. Berkshire pork has an old time pork flavor that tastes phenomenal. Next a roast was smoked on our Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker for 4 hours. When we purchased this frozen roast the cut was a mystery. It was part of the shoulder right near the joint. It turned out very flavorful cut but did not have a lot of meat because of the knuckle bone. This still was a flavor treat that was enjoyed by all. Once you have experienced Berkshire pork you may never buy supermarket offerings again.
 Johnson Farms sells eggs and honey at Leonardo's. They also sell Berkshire pork and in October Black Angus beef. I highly suggest you call first if you are interested in pork because the selection is limited. I am calling today.

Johnson Farm
120 Hampton Rd
Briones, CA 94553


Greg said...

She's a beauty!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Happy dinner.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Beautiful. Those chops are saliva inducing.