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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Having the proper tools are  very important to achieve barbeque greatness. One tool we take for granted is the grill brush. Before and after every cook I faithfully oil and brush the barbeque grate. We have used numerous grill brushes with mixed results. Rizzi from Mr. Grill asked me to put their grill brush.through the paces. I accepted her offer and she immediately sent me a Mr. Grill brush for review. This will be the perfect excuse to fire up the grill. Like I need an excuse.

Mr. Grill brush at first impression is a very quality made product.  The handle is 18 inches long and made of sturdy oak. The bristles are made of shiny brass. Shiny now, but I hope to dull this brilliance with crud from the grill. The brass brush length is 6 inches long for maximum scraping area. This brush is sturdy and the bristles are the perfect size to get through the grates. This brush is even guaranteed for one full year. Let's give it a try.

My routine before each and every cook is to give my grill a proper brushing.(and oiling). A charcoal fire is built and the grates are put in place. After several minutes the grates will be smoking hot. Mr. Grill brush glided easily over the grates to remove and destroy crud left from our last cook. We purposely left some crud from our last cook to demonstrate burnt on material by the image above. Mr. Grill made quick work to remove this unwanted grease and yuck. I personally like the long 18 inch handle. I could wrap both my large meat hands around the comfortable handle to provide extra leverage for those problem spots. The brass bristles had just the proper length to get between the grates for cleaning.

Mr. Grill brush easily passed with flying colors to be a quality grill brush. We proudly will add Mr. Grill brush to our arsenal of barbeque tools. With the proper usage of brushing (and oiling) the grill grates will almost guarantee success of non sticking and easy removal of your barbeque meals. A clean grill will help achieve those beautiful grill marks. Mr. Grill will do the job. If you are interested in purchasing a quality grill brush you can find Mr. Grill on Amazon or you can order directly from Mr. Grill;s website.


Mr. Grill's website:   Click here to go to Mr. Grill


Greg said...

I have been through many grill tools. I have always been happy with Weber tools. This one looks like a champ.

Big Dude said...

Sounds like a good addition to your fleet - think I'll order one.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Weber has the reputation and I have bought most of their accessories at one tome or another. This one is pretty sturdy and a year guarantee to boot.

Big Dude, Sounds good. I know it will get a work out at your bbq compound.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Brown looks like it could be a dual use tool. I would like to test my theory before buying. May I barrow yours so I may test it as a back scratcher? I bid you a fond farewell GWH

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, no sir you may not use my Mr. Grill as a back scratchier unless your back is full of grease and crud from your last cook. Never mind. NO!!!!!!!!!!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Chilebrown, how long is the handle? Might be just what the Dr. Ordered for our smokers.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, It is a long 18 inches. I can wrap both my big meat hands around them for extra leverage.