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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


 The ‘greatwhite hunter’, a friend and frankly sometime a little bit eccentric, (The truth is he is like the creepy uncle that nobody likes to talk about) has recently cut his ties with the ‘Salt Mine’. We both have toiled and reaped financial gain from this large corporate machine. We also share the love of Meat Adventures. The ‘greatwhite hunter’ was in the Reno, Nevada area so I dispatched him to several meat emporiums. Wolf Pack Meats of the College of Agriculture Biotechnology and Natural Resources of University Nevada, Reno was one of his destinations. Wolf Pack meats sells grass-fed beef from their department at the college. The ‘greatwhite hunter’ came through on his Meat Adventure with several different cuts of steak. Today we are going to cook some rib-eyes.

Let’s start out with the actual butchering of these steaks. I am wondering if freshman students got hold of these cuts. The quality of butchering skills was poor by the image evidence. To identify them as rib eye cuts was a stretch. They were uneven in size and fat cap area. The color was very deep red. We also noticed a lack of fat marbling. We will season them with salt and pepper only. They were cooked on a very hot fire over mesquite charcoal. I watched the temperature very closely. When the internal temperature hit 125 degrees they were pulled from the fire. They rested for 10 minutes before serving. ‘Drum roll please.’

These steaks were cooked to a perfect medium rare. Even so there was a chew and tug with each and every bite. They did have a pleasant beef flavor. Here is the rub. They did not have that umami flavor associated with corn fed beef. These steaks were just missing that special mouth feel and flavor that we crave. Now this is antidotal evidence and I am not entertaining a grass v corn-fed debate so let’s call it a day. We will let the Wolf-Pack run away.


Greg said...

I was hoping for a good review. We hit Reno a few times a year and always search for good resources.

Chilebrown said...

We were disappointed too. We have had stellar meat adventures at U.C. Davis and U.C. Chico and we had our fingers crossed.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Just another datapoint confirming what all of is know... Thanks for the write up.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I like to feel that I am open to new meat experiences. The disappointments far out weighs the successes. I am waiting for the greatwhite hunter to wake up and chime in. He no longer has to wake up to the salt mine whistle. He probably is getting his beauty rest so that means it will be a very long time before he wakes.

greatwhite hunter said...

Dear Mr. Brown, Today I would like to show a kinder and much more normal side of my personality. I will start with things I agreed with. The butchering was horrible; all would add is it had to be done by a blind freshman, second the rib-eye as well as the New York had beefy favor witch I enjoyed and but it was tuff. Mr. Brown I cannot wait for your review of the New York steaks if you are, I will say the butchering was unbelievably bad much worse than the Rib-eye. I would say it qualified as crimes against Beef; it was so ugly it brought tears to my eyes and it scared me as it has been a long time I have felt any kind of emotions being the heartless butthole truck driver that I am. I have been only retired 10 days and am on my way to being human again. Wow this is enlightening now I know why I think you are such sensitive baby now that you have been retired for over a year and I don’t think I want be like you. Wow another revelation I now know why your saintly wife is smiling more now as you are no longer cranky a butthole truck driver. Wow this is way too much to discover in one evening my head is starting to hurt its time move on.
Mr. Brown now I would like to address your privileged upbringing and crusade against grass fed beef. I know that you were raised in the Oakland hills and enjoyed corn fed beef all thorough your youth and looked down upon the flat Landers like myself. I think I my much better off in being poor as a youth as I can enjoy both grass fed and corn fed beef without losing it. That enough talking about you, it’s time to talk about me again.
Mr. Brown all this talk about corn finished beef reminded me of a time in life that my grandfather rented 1 or 2 hundred acres in the Hayward hills to raise cattle for oakies side of my family and save money. When it came time to grain the cattle it became an issue with cost of the grain as it turns out it is not cheaper to raise cattle on your own if you grain finish the cattle. My grandfather somehow thorough some kind of horse trade, sourced all the rejected granny goose potato chips and corn chip he could haul away from the Oakland plant. I think my grandfather had it in his head he made great deal that all the chips he got were free. I think granny goose got the better deal as they were no longer paying to have all there rejected chips haul away. I also think my grandfather was under the impression that corn chip finished and corn finished would turn out the same but as everybody knows all those damned potato chip were going wreck everything. I have one good thing say about feeding oily, salty, stale half brunt chips to cattle the weight gain was unbelievable. Who knew cattle could have water retention problems? Talking about problems, who knew if you would feed cattle all the oily, salty, stale half burnt chips a cow can hold, that you could one day have some of best marbled steak on earth that tasted like oily, stale half burnt chips, there was an upside you didn’t have salt the steaks before cooking. The memories are flooding back now, the next time Mr. Brown you bring up corn fed beef I will tell the story about what happens when an oakie feeds cattle trimmings from a cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts processing plant in Union City to save money. I know you cannot wait!!! Good Day GWH
Oh I almost forgot enlighten you why I didn’t post earlier. I was being polite if I had posted first there would be nothing left to say and no one would have posted after me. We all know how butt hurt you get when I am the only one to post on your blog. Was it worth waiting for? GWH OUT

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, Fascinating! Potato chip finished beef that does not need seasoning.I am glad that you are no longer (your words) a 'buthole truck driver.

You sir are wrong about my location of upbringing. I grew up in the Rockridge district that was at the very bottom of the Oakland Hills. The only beef we would have would have been hamburger and occasionally breaded cube steak.