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Thursday, September 18, 2014


We bring you an only in ‘Cali’ moment. Those of you in the know, know that only non-California natives use the term ‘Cali’. Lately, the late night talk show punch line has been kale. We do not normalcy search out this leafy vegetable but we have been known to grow some occasionally. Kale can be the perfect vegetable to showcase bacon. Let’s rewind this herbaceous tale to last Saturday. This Mad Meat Genius was browsing the aisles of a new farmers market in Brentwood when Kale Powder caught my eye.

Asparagus actually was the item that received my attention. Asparagus in September is unheard of. The farmers that operated the booth explained that the asparagus is let to grow and not harvested to promote root growth. They still produce stalks but are not normally harvested. These were not pretty spears but after a quick taste they were determined to be the real deal.. Right next to my favorite spring vegetable was a bag of bright green powder. The vendor explained this was sun dried kale ground into a powder. What on earth would one use kale powder for? The farmers suggested that the powder could be added to smoothies or a pesto. I cannot even imagine a kale smoothie in fact smoothie is not even in my vocabulary. A bag was purchased out of curiosity.

The bag was opened to experience a dry aroma of hay. I dipped my clean finger into the bag and took a lick. It had a spinach type flavor. It actually was a little sweet. This may have some possibilities. We did purchase some of the out of season asparagus because I could not resist. How about some kale flavored mayonnaise for dipping? A tablespoon of kale powder was added to some mayonnaise. A quick stir and we were ready. The asparagus was actually pretty good on its own. The flavored dip was slightly sweet, herbaceous and creamy. This flavored dip was not headline news but was tasty. I also added several tablespoons to some pesto rice. Once again it added that herbal quality that some people crave. I probably enjoyed our Berkshire pork the most. I am the Mad Meat Genius you know.
    It is always fun to try and experience new foods. Kale and now powdered kale will grace the tables of Californians and late night talk show fodder. Powdered kale may  not be my favorite new find but was not a bust. We will have to try some other uses. I can guarantee a kale smoothie will not be one.


greatwhite hunter said...

I think powered kale can be marketed as a healthy alternative to snuff and chewing tobacco. I see the potential for a very high profit margin, because everyone knows kale is a weed that farmers plow under to plant vegetables worth eating.( tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, artichokes)etc. I think it will be a hit at least in cali. I would appreciate your thoughts Mr. Brown GWH

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, that is a thought provoking suggestion. I think you may be on to something. I always knew deep down you are a hipster at heart.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I have always liked kale, collard, etc... before these leafy greens became the hot green choice of the hipster crowd. That kale powder though, I am not sure. It probably will keep things moving if you have any problems Chilebrown...

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I like to use kale in minestrone soup. It is not a vegetable I would search for.