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Monday, November 10, 2014


The bacon train continues to chug along the tracks of my culinary curiosity. Bacon, maple cookie mix with its companion of maple bacon frosting in a can was something this Mad Meat Genius could not resist. The cookie mix was found on the clearance isle of our local Wally World. I cannot understand why this was a discontinued item. I snatched up a handful of these mixes. I read the package of the cookie mix and it suggested to use the companion bacon, maple frosting. Well, I returned to the store in search of this special frosting. I actually went to four different stores with no luck in finding this special frosting. Luckily our friend Elaina had posted a picture on Facebook of this frosting. She graciously parted with her coveted can to further the research of Mad Meat Genius.

The actual baking of the cookies was easy enough. Mix, drop and bake. We let them cool and then frosted them with bacon frosting. The frosting came with some bacon (?} bits that was included on top of the can. Here is the million dollar question. How did they taste? They were sweet with lots of maple flavor from the frosting. Frosted cookies with a glass of ice cold milk was a treat that could not be beat. We enjoyed these frosted cookies. I am not sure why these two products use the term bacon in their labels. If I closed my eyes and wished really hard I may have tasted the slightest hint of smoke. The bacon (?) bits on top added a texture to the sweet frosting. I purposely did not read the ingredients list. Sometimes it is better not to know. I know why they used bacon in the label and it worked. We bit,hook line and sinker. Thanks Elaina for gifting us the maple, bacon frosting.


Greg said...

Bacon! Should have bought some pork futures.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I am just doing my part to keep the economy moving.

Zoomie said...

Next time, I'd add my own bacon bits, since that was the disappointing part. Then, yum!

Aaron said...

Shark, jumped. About 1 1/2 years ago.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Great idea.

Aaron, au contraire. The journey continues.