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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


thre rubs

 Harry Soo, pitmaster extraordinaire, is a 27 time winning grand champion and is one of the most well known names in BBQ. Winning over 80 first places awards including the 2012 Kansas City Barbeque Society Team of the Year Chicken Champion, Harry now brings his competition rubs to you in outrageous flavors. This is proudly stated on the label of our rubs for review today. Harry Soo is a well known figure in the barbeque world. To meet the man is an introduction to barbeque passion and love. Harry knows his rubs. Harry has created three new exciting rubs; Jailbird Chicken, Love Meat Tender (All Purpose) and Moola Beef Rub. We are going to have some fun and try the first two. The fire is hot so let’s all go enjoy some bbq.

  Jailbird Chicken



 Sea salt, maple sugar, granulated garlic, cane sugar, chili, paprika, citric acid, fructose, ascorbic acid, maltodextrin, guar, and xanthan gum, soy lecithin, spices, natural flavors, BHA to protect flavors, silicon dioxide (anti-caking) are the listed ingredients. I have never heard of the ingredient guar. According to the World Wide Web guar is; “ In foods and beverages, guar gum is used as a thickening, stabilizing, suspending, and binding agent.”

  Aroma & Texture:

 Chili and lots of garlic are my first impressions of the aroma. The smell is fresh and vibrant. The color is light sandy red. The ingredients are separate and do not clump. It pours easily from the two sided shaker top. The shaker top is convenient to sprinkle small quantities or pour larger amounts of the rub.


 This is a fun label of a cartoon jailed bird. Harry Soo has his image on top watching you have your bbq fun. The container is a generous 11 ounces. This is a colorful label that catches your eye. I would see this on the shelf and investigate further.


 I like to include this disclaimer that rubs straight out of the container taste a lot different when heated and cooking is applied. Salt, paprika, sugar and garlic are a big first hit. There is a slight tang from the citric acid. Those of you that are familiar with Harry’s first rub will know that a “Tang’ like flavor was a secret ingredient. It is present but not as pronounced as his original. The citric acid adds a component flavor that grabs your taste buds attention. It works in competition and will enhance your home eating experience too. The taste is fresh but the ultimate test will be with the cook.

  beer can chicken


 The chili flavor is present and adds gentle warmth that is mild. We will give this rub one star out of five on the heat meter..

  All purpose

  Love Meat Tender


 Sea salt, maple sugar, granulated garlic, cane sugar, chili, paprika, chipotle powder, black pepper, rosemary, hickory smoke, cayenne pepper, corn starch, soy lecithin, spices, natural flavors, silicone dioxide (anti-caking) are the listed ingredients.

  love meat tender

  Aroma & Texture:

The smell is similar to the Jailbreak Chicken except for the addition of a slight hint of smoke. There is chipotle powder which is a ground smoked jalapeno pepper. Hickory smoke is another ingredient. The smells are fresh and vibrant. No clumping in this container. There are tiny flakes of rosemary throughout this rub.
 This rub is mild and will give it one star out of five on the heat meter.. The chipotle and chili flavor are present and add a little welcoming warmth.



Pork ribs will be first up to the plate. These spare-ribs were trimmed in the “St. Louis” style. We coated the ribs with a heavy layer of Love Meat Tender rub. We used a heavy hand to get a good taste of the rub. The ribs were cooked low and slow for three hours. The rub turned the ribs dark reddish brown. The sugars caramelized to form a crust that look fabulous. I ate a rib before it was sauced. The sugars and salt popped to make the meat flavor shine. We noticed the slightest amount of heat. It was just enough pepper love to grab your attention but not punish. These ribs were great without sauce but we did slather them in a sweet honey based sauce. This was a marriage made in heaven. Sweet, spicy, sticky and full of pork rib love. These were not competition style ribs but what a fabulous, tasty wonderful meal. Boy do I love ribs.

  on grill

 We had a little fun with the Love Meat Tender rub by using it to season a spinach mushroom quiche. We used a tablespoon to season the eggs, cheese, mushrooms and spinach. We sprinkled a small amount over the top of the pie too. This worked with a successful fun flavor treat. We got a hint of smoke from the chipotle and hickory smoke. The sugars, salts, smoke and pepper transformed our quiche into a bbq style
meal that we enjoyed.

  Wings and a ‘Beer Can’ chicken would be our vehicles to try the ‘Jailbird Chicken” rub. The Beer Can chicken had a beautiful mahogany red crust after its cooking time in the bbq kettle. There is a good amount of sugar in this rub so you need to be careful not to use too high a heat. High heat will cause scorching. Using the proper temperature can create a crisp browned crust that will have you begging for more. This was a beautiful bird. I hate to admit it I could of just eaten the chicken skin, it was that good. All the components of this rub worked together to create a “Winner, Winner Chicken” you know the rest. My wife, Ms. Goofy said she loved the gentle warmth of the chili. The wings also showed some beautiful colors when cooked. We did sauce the wings at the end. The rub created a base that complimented the sauced wings. The citric acid, (Tang) is not prevalent but a component that is in the mix and works to grab your taste buds attention. This is one component that has helped Harry win so many competitions.

  on que


The passion and love are present in Harry’s Rubs. We felt like Grand Champions in our own back yard using Jailbird Chicken and Love Meat Tender rubs. The Love Meat Tender (all purpose) was great on ribs and fun in our spinach mushroom quiche. The quiche had a slight smoky bbq flavor from this rub mix. The ribs were finger licking good. Jailbird Chicken rub could be your foundation for becoming a bbq pitmaster. Our beer-can chicken was a masterful piece of art that also tasted fantastic.. The wings would be welcome at any tailgate. Ms. Goofy liked the slightly warming chili element. The sugars in these rubs will require attention with your cooking to prevent scorching. With the proper cooking method these sugars will caramelize to create masterpieces at your dinner table. Is it possible to have too much fun cooking with Harry Soo’s rubs? We sure are trying.

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Harry Soo


Chris said...

Go Harry!

Wait, no Tang in the chicken rub? ;)

Chilebrown said...

Chris, twang but no tang. It does have a hint of citrus. Just enough to grab your attention. Tonight we are cooking a hanger steak with the Love Meat Tender.