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Saturday, November 22, 2014


 Sometimes you just want a hot cup of joe and some filling, comfort food to start your day. The little red diner located right on the side of highway 29 will fill this bill. Highway 29 Cafe may be the definition of a diner. There are no surprises here. You do have to decide on how hungry you are because they can and will make some huge platters of breakfast. Ms. Goofy and I rose early and raced in the Honda to American Canyon to partake in some breakfast staples.

Highway 29 can be very crowded because it is located right next to the flea market. We arrived early on a weekday to an almost empty restaurant. The interior is like a movie set. The counter with its view of the open kitchen, comfortable well worn booths or the corner table to people watch are your choices. The waitress that you have known all your life greets you with menus and a smile. "Do you want some coffee, Honey?' I bet you can guess every item on the menu because you have seen it a million times.

Highway 29 cafes menu offerings are categorized in three levels. The first level consists of 1 protein (steak, pork chop, ham, bacon etc.), one egg, one toast and hash browns. The second level consists of 2 proteins, 2 eggs and hash browns. If you are hungry the third level will load up your plate with three portions of everything. You can order 5 egg omelet's. If you are hungry Highway 29 will accommodate. I strayed from the set menu and ordered 2 pork chops and an order of biscuits and gravy.

We received our breakfast immediately. The biscuits & gravy was comfort that satisfied. Flaky fresh biscuits with a sausage studded gravy with the slightest hint of rosemary was yummy. The pork chops were thin but decent. The never ending cup of joe was the quality you expect in a diner. Ms. Goofy had a Denver omelet that was a little dry but still plate clearing good.
   Highway 29 is a local hangout that is a traditional diner. Friendly, fast service with more than reasonable prices are to be expected. Highway 29 cafe serves no thrills basic breakfast faire. The diner is an American experience that is nostalgic and memory filled. We definitely had our fill and then some at Highway 29 Cafe.

Highway 29 Cafe
101 Cafe Ct
American Canyon, CA 94503


Zoomie said...

Good to know such places still exist.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, This place is right at the gateway to wine country but still remains an old fashioned place.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Those biscuits and gravy look out of this world!

Big Dude said...

You breakfast is awesome