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Monday, December 1, 2014


Turkey and stuffing, stuffing and turkey and turkey and stuffing has been our nourishment these post holiday days. It was time for some beef.relief. What better than a beautiful hunk of beef rib roast from Willowside Meats in Santa Rosa. Willowside Meats specializes in aged corn-fed beef. It does not get any better than this. We happened to be in the neighborhood when we picked up the Great White Hunters Willie Bird. It is that time of year to place our order for a prime-rib roast for Christmas. So that is what we did. This two bone, 4.5 pound roast was proudly displayed beckoning me to purchase. It was not a hard sale. The butcher cut the bone from the roast and then retied it for easy, peasy carving.

This roast is not prime-rib. It is a rib roast with tons of flavor. It does not have the fat marbling of a prime roast. With the proper cooking it will be a roast fit for a king. (Mad Meat Genius). We are going to use one of my favorite smokers/grill. It is a custom New Braunfels model that I have faithfully up-kept through the years. I have been rewarded with numerous successful cooks. Our roast was coated with a generous dusting of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. The roast was cut and tied so we were ready. An indirect charcoal fire was built and it was time to cook.

The roast was pulled when the internal temperature hit 125. A painful resting time of 20 minutes tested our patience. We were rewarded with wonderful, tender, beefy meat that rocked our world. This roast had all the right moves. I cannot wait for a sandwich tomorrow.


Big Dude said...

I much prefer rib roast to turkey.

Zoomie said...

Wow, that is beautiful to behold! Must get one of those for our Christmas dinner!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Simple, straightforward, drool inducing. I could go for a pice of that. Nice work!

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, I agree but once a year I like my fill of turkey and of course stuffing with a bucket of gravy.

Zoomie, You are closer to Willowside than us. It is not to late to order a prime rib for the Holidays. You will thank me if you do.

Three Dogs BBQ, We had the last of it last night. I have to wait till Christmas for the next roast. I cannot wait.

Greg said...

Wowza! Beef relief fo sure. We had loads of wonderful beef on our cruise but none looked as good as this masterpiece.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Someday I will make a cruise. I know I will come back as big as a barn.

Chris said...

Nice job on that roast, it looks perfect.