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Thursday, March 12, 2015


 When you are greeted by a large fiberglass steer in the parking lot, there is a feeling that you have arrived at a great meat destination. This is the vibrations I felt twice in San Diego California on my mini Meat Adventure. I was attending the California Small Farm Conference and had a little spare time to kill. I first went to 'Iowa Meat Farms' and took a gander. This huge steer guards the parking lot. I then went to 'Siesel’s  Meats' market that was several miles away. They are both owned by the same people and are very similar inside and out. I made my purchases at Siesel’s and will expound shortly.

Walking into Iowa Meat Farms and Siesel’s was a journey into meat lover’s paradise. This was a one stop shop for anything involved to make that perfect bbq meal. There were massive glass showcases displaying all meat categories. Choice and Prime cuts of beef are offered. On the shelves, there was an impressive line-up of sauces and rubs. There was even a display of the ‘Gates’ bba sauces, a barbeque chain restaurant from Kansas. I was inspired by the offerings of different flavored smoking woods for sale. Mustard, olives, oils and any fancy condiment you could ever imagine is available.

The first thing that caught my eye in the meat cases was the dry aged beef. This was tear producing material. I chose the best looking and biggest New York steak they had for sale. Slab bacon that is house smoked was my next choice.The bacon is double smoked. The first smoke is of applewood and finished with hickory smoke. You know I could not resist this beauty. Sausages are house made. Bacon bratwurst, hot cheddar and bourbon polish were a few of my sausage choices.

There was a fish section which I skipped. There was also a deli counter for sandwiches and such. There was produce section if you really wanted color on your meat platter. I loaded up the ice chest. Iowa Meat Farms and Siesel’s Meats are destination meat stops if you are in the San Diego area. We do not make it to SoCal very often but this was worth the trip.

Siesel’s Meats
4131 Ashton St
San DiegoCA 92110


Big Dude said...

That's some fine looking meat including the one you cooked.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, The flavor and texture from dry aging of beef is phenomenal. This was cornfed heaven. It is a flavor we crave.

Greg said...

Dry aged beef!!
More than anything I want the plastic steer. Just to put in the driveway to piss off the neighbors ;)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, You know that would not be allowed in Marin. Cookiecrumb might come over and try to ride it.

cookiecrumb said...

Damn tootin' I would!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I love a good dry aged cut of beast. Fo' Siesel!

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I believe that act would put a new meaning to 'happy cows from California.'

Three Dog BBQ, I have no idea what this means but I quote Snoop Dog;
'My nizzle, what you sizzle?
Fo' schizzle bizzle, ha ha'

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I had Snoop Dog in mind when I said that...