Chilebrown at home

Friday, December 11, 2015


Take care of your grill and it will take care of you. A simple routine of maintenance will insure better performance and cooking results. I am talking about cleaning and oiling your grill grate. This should be done before and after each use. Once the grill is good and hot we will take a wire brush and scrape all burned or crusted meat matter off the grill. A light coating of oil will ward off rust and keep your grill ready for use. The oil can be applied by a simple rag coated with oil. Recently I have discovered the ease and convenience of oil in an aerosol canister. They can be found at almost any grocery store.  The two canisters pictured were inexpensive. For some reason the Crisco brand was about half the price of Pam. The Pam contains a mixture of canola and cottonseed oil. It claims to be specially formulated for high heat use. The Crisco uses soybean oil and is a patented recipe. The both seem to work just fine and I cannot recommend one over the other. I just like the convenience.


greatwhite hunter said...

Mr Brown have you ever used uncured bacon? GWH.

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, Shhhhhsh, that is your Christmas present.

Chris said...

That stuff really takes care of a cast iron grate. I always give it a spritz after cleaning and I never have rust issues. Happy Holidays to you and the family! (and even the Formula 1!)