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Sunday, December 27, 2015


American Kobe beef, aged prime rib, you would think we are beefed out for the Holidays. That is not the case. We were on a mini meat adventure to pick up our prime rib roast and it was lunch time. How about a steak at Stark’s Steak & Seafood? Stark’s is a restaurant that promises to be; “casually elegant with an upscale feel. “. Stark’s is one of the six restaurants in the Stark’s Reality Restaurant group. As you know we love a good steak. On this adventure the ‘Great White Hunter’ was chaperoning. Parking Karma was in full effect because we parked right in front.

The outside of Stark’s looks like it has some history. The feel and vibration is definitely from an older generation. The inside is elegant, modern and inviting. We are dinning at the noon hour. The main dining room is closed and lunch is being served in the bar area. Our pleasant hostess tried to seat us at a cocktail table until she felt the wrath of Ms. Goofy wanting a proper table. I was in total agreement with wanting a full table for several reasons. The Great White Hunter and I are large men who need a lot of room to maneuver and we were paying full prices for our dinning admission. We were seated properly and soaked in the ambience.

The menu had the usual suspects of a high end steakhouse. Aged beef, American Kobe, prime, seafood and even burgers were offered.  Everything was a la carte. Our server asked us if we would like some bread.  Need he ask? We were brought some butter and garlic with some bread on the side. This was a garlic lover’s delight. It is almost a week later and I still can taste the garlic. Since we were seated in the bar area Ms. Goofy had a micro beer. The Great White Hunter and I are teetotalers but the bar should be mentioned because it has a reputation of serving fun and tasty drinks.

I had a bone-in 28 day dry aged ‘Prime’ New York strip steak. It was very tender and tasty. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was seasoned very nicely. It was topped with a requested mushrooms and roasted onions. Was it the best steak I have ever had? No. This steak was very decent. Is it possible with all the quality steaks I have been eating recently that I have become jaded to steak excellence? I do not want to believe that but this steak did not ring any bells. The Great White Hunter and I split some sides of potatoes and creamed spinach. They both were rich, creamy and excellent.

The Great White Hunter had the American Kobe. He enjoyed it but was not dancing in the aisles with praise. Ms. Goofy had a wonderful burger that she enjoyed. Starks is a very nice steakhouse. If we return it will be at the dinner hour to experience the main dining area. Starks has a wonderful atmosphere that is old and modern at the same time. Our servers were pleasant and efficient. The steaks were good and possibly great. Maybe I am just spoiled in eating quality steaks.



Three Dogs BBQ said...

The burger looks great. An outstanding meat adventure!

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, It is a lot of laughs when The Great White Hunter comes out of hibernation. For some reason he is in denial about my parking karma even though I have demonstrated it numerous times.

Greg said...

Awesome looking food! I got a little scared by the prices....I'm old!;)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, You only live once. The prices are leaning towards the scary side.