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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Porcus Infernum bacon flavored hot sauce from Voodoo Sauces & Salsa is on the table today. This is advertised as bacon in a bottle. This sounds like a wonderful combination of hot sauce and bacon. As some of you may know, I am a sucker for any bacon flavored product.  Voodoo Sauces has my attention with bacon but so many times in the past I have been disappointed with bacon themed products and the promise of bacon. We have our fingers crossed today. Let’s go taste some Porcus Infernum.


Water, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, sugar, chile pepper blend, salt, spices, citric acid, ascorbic acid, bacon flavor, 0.5% of monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, artificial ham flavor are the listed ingredients. Can we say artificial ham flavor? I am not sure why that tickles my funny bone but it does. I am a little curious about the ingredient; bacon flavor. All that really matter is how it tastes.

Aroma & Texture:

I smell bacon. It is a wonderful smell. It smells a little like holiday ham too. There is a back-up aroma of tomato’s.  The aroma is pleasing to me. The texture is fluid and pours quickly through the opened top. There are no seeds or pulp present.


An evil red eyed looking swine glares at the potential buyer of this sauce. A humorous description graces the side of this 5 ounce bottle. The label is eye catching and works for me.


The million dollar question is; Does Porcus Infernum pass the bacon flavor test? I am going to answer with a resounding yes. We taste bacon like flavor. There is a pork essence that has a bacon/ham nuance. The salt presence grabs your attention just as a well balanced slice of bacon should. Tomato’s and pepper flavor cradles and compliments this bacon flavor. The chile is mild but contributes to the overall flavor mix. The apple cider vinegar adds a splash of freshness.This sauce is well balanced in all its components. We like it.


There is no discernable heat but will give this a complimentary one star out of 5 on the heat meter.


Bacon and eggs without the bacon almost sounds blasphemous. If for some crazy reason you do not actually have bacon on hand this sauce is a good stand-in for bacon flavor. It will never replace the real deal but is actually good in the bacon flavor department.
We tried some Porcus Infernum with some smoked stuffed jalapenos. “Winner, Winner, Jalapeno Popper, Dinner”. This was a fantastic pairing. The smoke, jalapenos and bacon with bacon sauce hit on all cylinders.


Porcus Infernum will receive the Chilebrown seal of bacon approval. I have tried so many bacon themed products that have only mimicked and disappointed. Not today. This is the real deal for bacon flavor. . Porcus Infernum will go with any dish in my opinion. Voodoo Sauces & Salsa motto is; “Voodoo Chile Sauces exists to entertain taste buds”.  They have succeeded. Sometimes it is a good idea not to read the ingredient list. Maybe I do not want to know what ‘bacon flavor or artificial ham flavor is.  All I know is that this is a mild bacon flavored sauce for the masses. Good stuff!

Voodoo Sauces & Salsa

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