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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The peppers are beginning to turn some beautiful colors. This plant is called the 'Devils Tongue'. This will be the first time I have ever tasted this pepper. It will be tasted with a glass of milk standing by. It is described as being a Habanero type pepper that is outrageously hot. Here we go. We will cut it in half and cut a sliver out of the middle. The sample will be approx a 1/8 round of seeds and membranes. The whole effect must be experienced. There is no fear involved. Maybe I should wait till after I walk the dogs. You know I just remembered I have to mow the lawn. Okay I will stop stalling. It has a fruity smell. Here goes! So far so good. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGG!
I cannot feel my face. Bring me the milk. I have to leave the room for a minute.
I am back. That was really good. Once you get over the initial bomb of burn, the Devils Tongue has a lot of fruity flavor. It is very unique.

You may be asking,'Why is Chilebrown eating Super Hot peppers at 8:00am in the morning?'. I am doing this in the name of research. The Rodeo Chili- Cook Off is less than two weeks away. This is proof that I am serious about Chile. There will be no Devils Tongue pepper in the competition chili. If you stop by, there may be samples of Devils Tongue, if you dare. There will be a car show and musical entertainment. The best part will be the chance to sample various chili. It will be a competition and every vote counts. I hope to meet some of you. Stop on by and say hello!. (look for the 'Mad Meat Genius Logo')

Rodeo Chili Cook -Off

Rodeo, California Saturday Sept. 6 10:am - 4:00pm
Chili tasting begins at noon

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joaniegirl said...

You're a brave man! Hey, don't forget about the Salsa cook-off too. I'm entering that instead of the chili cook off. Best of luck. See you Saturday