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Friday, August 15, 2008


We have a very famous actor in the theater today. He is well known in the Sonoma area of California. He is Angelo from Angelo's Meats. We have been visiting Angelo for close to 20 years. We always look forward to a visit with Angelo. He will always have a story to tell. When you purchase some meat, he will give you explicit cooking instructions. He runs an old fashioned smoke house in Petaluma, California. Fisherman bring him salmon to smoke. His beef jerky is to die for. Angelo has a line of rubs,sauces, and pickles. He has catered to dignitaries at the Bohemian Grove. His credentials are as large as the Man himself. Every time we visit Angelo it is like visiting an old friend. Today on stage is some of his Peppered Bacon.
Today we have a guest taster. James Campers is an award winning Chili Cookoff Champion. His knowledge and experience will add some expertise to this review. This is some good looking bacon. The fat to meat ratio leans to meaty. We will be using our trusty cast iron skillet to cook some of this cured delight. If this pan could talk. It has cooked bacon's from all over the country. Back to the bacon. There is a rind on this slab. It is only a minor fault. It is like when a Olympian Gymnast takes a little step.
How does it taste? We have a Winner! It is not salty.(Angelo gave me the secret). It has just a hint of smoke. It is not sweet, but that is the secret in good bacon. It has the right balance. This is a bacon worth searching out. You will have to visit Angelo and listen to a couple of stories. The score of this bacon was a Unanimous 4 stars out of 5.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Cost: 4.50/ppound
Where: 2700 Adobe Rd.
Petaluma, Ca. 94954


bitter bitch said...

What is the secret??!!

(Not that I, personally, have a problem.)


Chilebrown said...

Hi bitter bitch, I am going to quote Angelo. "If you tell anybody else I will mash you into a heap of Cookiecrumbs". Thanks for stopping by.

Chilebrown said...

Angelo was only kidding about the Cookiecrumb remark. He said sometimes he is "Mad and I Eat", when he is a little 'Cranky'!
Angelos uses a liquid brine to cure his meats. He soaks them for the desired time. He basically told me I was using too much salt. We actually got a tour of his operation. We tasted the brine. It really was not very salty. I will have to keep trying till I get it right.