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Friday, August 28, 2009


The Mad Meat Genius camp is 30 minutes away from the big 'City'. This journey is, as the crow flies not by the freeway bound mass of vehicles of transportation. San Francisco is a playground for bacon and food enthusiasts. Ms. Goofy wanted to go on a field trip. She filled out her permission slip and away we crawled. The thirty minute trip seemed to take forever. This may of been because of the anticipation of having Bacon donuts and a Bacon Latte. We were on a Mission to visit Dynamo Donuts and Coffee and Pirate Cat Radio Cafe. These two establishments have bacon worth a journey on our clogged freeway arteries. Never mind our clogged veins.

Our first stop was 'Dynamo Donuts'. This doughnut and coffee oasis was located in the heart of the Mission District. This traditionally has been a Mexican food and shopping district. Fast forward to today and we have coffee and bacon doughnuts and a multi ethnic area. Finding a parking spot in S.F. is always a challenge. Our luck plopped us right in front. Right in front of a 5 person deep line to get sweet fried delights and java fueled beverages. We took a gander inside and saw a female crew of deep fried sweet bread creators. Dynamo has seating inside. It seemed everybody purchased their treats to go. So did we. We left with a bacon apple doughnut. We were on a mission. On to Pirate Cat Cafe.

Pirate Cat Radio Cafe was only 6 blocks away. We should of walked, but the doughnut had a gravitational pull towards our vehicle. Pirate Cat Radio Cafe is actually a small radio station. When you walk in you will see a glass partition with the actual Disc Jockey on the air. This is a tiny place with a small barista station. Our server was very pleasant and friendly. We ordered a Bacon Maple Latte. This concoction had two shots of expresso, foamed milk, maple syrup and it was topped off with baco-bits. Our Barista shared the secret of this Java Miracle. It was bacon magic in a cup. This was some secret rendering of the cured swine. A heaping teaspoon was added to our cup. Should I just faint now in Joy? I waited while she skillfully constructed our coffee drink. It was now the taste test.

The bacon doughnut was a fried sugar dough delight. The bacon on top was just an added treat. How can a doughnut go wrong. The Bacon Maple Latte was sublime. That means, I could not really taste any bacon flavor. It was sweet with the maple syrup and milk. The last sip, created a little gag. The last sip was full of foam and baco-bits. This field trip was a blast. Pirate Cat Radio is a fun and unique place to visit. Dynamo Donuts is a place
to get your doughnuts on.
2760 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110-4263
(415) 920-1978
2781 21st street,
San Francisco, Ca. 93110-4263

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Zoomie said...

Only you two (and possibly that guy over at MeatHenge) would drive clear into the cit for such an artery clogging treat! The donut sounds delish to me - not so sure about the java. Thank heavens I no longer work in the city - I'd be mightily tempted!