Chilebrown at home

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This weekend Fairfield California will hold their annual Tomato Festival. This is a great local event that will also host the West Coast BBQ Championship. This is a fun in the sun event. The newly certified barbeque judges, Chilebrown, Ms. Goofy and Dr. Biggles will be attending. We will be wearing our fancy brand spanking new barbeque judge shirts and name tags.

This will be an opportunity to see an actual Kansas City Barbeque Society event. This is a state championship. It will bring out some heavy hitters in the barbeque competition world. These warriors will be manning their pits all night long cooking with wood, charcoal and smoke. Their goal is to impress the judges with the meat delights they have prepared. Another incentive for these competitors, are cash prizes and the right to proceed to national events. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is serious business.

This is an event for the whole family. Their will be a huge tent with numerous different variety's of tomato's to taste. A tomato eating contest will be waged. "Attack of the Killer Tomato's will be shown. Hundreds of vendors selling crafts and food are ready for you. Live music will entertain the crowd. One of the best things about this gathering, the admission is FREE! See you there.


Zoomie said...

Oh, I really hope we can make it - sounds like great fun! If we do come, we'll stop by to razz the judges a little, of course. Have fun and be serious!

Andrew said...

We've had a cool summer in Ohio, so the tomatos are pretty few and far between.

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, good lord. Now he's the Reverend Dr. JUDGE Biggles. I can hardly stand it.

Have a great weekend, you all. I hope I win!

Yes, Chilebrown, the DVDs arrived. Rob is a moron with email, so I will thank you here.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Welcome to the world of KCBS judging. Just remember - the cooks hate you and you get no respect! Let me know what you think of the food. Keep good notes.