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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Juan's Place, an infamous Berkeley California institution serving good Mexican food for at least the last 30 years. At least that is how long I have been going to Juan's. I actually remember having beers with Juan in the bar learning Spanish profanity. It has been a hangout for University of California students and locals for ever. Sometimes you forget about your comfort food hangouts. It was time to revisit Juan's and have a plate of Chile Verde. As some of you readers may know, We are on a quest to find the Holy Grail of chile verde. Juan's delivers a beautiful plate of stewed green chile and cubes of pork. This plate, has tender cubes of seasoned pork shoulder swimming in a pool of slightly hot green chili love. It is comfort food that satisfies.

Juan's has the usual Mexican menu items. The servers are very quick. They have been around for awhile and have mastered the art of good service. Chips, flour and corn and two types of salsa are brought to the table. Ask your server for hot salsa and a oily red chili death bomb will be delivered. Once you have sampled the chili sauces, there is a bar to quench your thirst. Speaking of bars. If you are in Berkeley you might as well visit another Berkeley icon,Brennan's.
Brennan's is a Hof-Brau with a large bar. Irish Coffees are the drink of choice. Brennan's was recently forced to re-locate. The new place is smaller but keeps the same ambiance and feel of the older Brennan's. The Irish Coffees are just as I remembered. Oh Wow!

Juan's Place

941 Carleton St

Berkeley, CA 94710-2636

(510) 845-6904


700 University Ave

Berkeley, CA 94710-1924

(510) 841-0960


Greg said...

I'm of the opinion that there are 2 distinct styles of Chile Verde.

Mexican - Which has tomatillos.

New Mexican - No tomatillos but extra green chiles.

I've had versions of both that would make me content to keel over dead on the spot.

The two camps have been known to get nasty with each other.

Chilebrown said...

I am going to guess that this had tomatillos and some jalapenos. It was pretty darn good. Not real spicy, but, a little jolt in the mouth.

Our local grocery store has New Hatch Mexican Chili's on sale this following week. They are from New Mexico and only come around one time a year to California. These chili's are the best in the nation. I will have Ms. Goofy Mud wrestle anybody that differs!

We are going to buy a Gaggle and cook on.