Chilebrown at home

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Don't you love leftovers? We have left over New Hatch Chile, Bacon/Burgers and tomato's. What should we do with this plethora of bounty. How about pizza? This would be a great excuse to fire up the Beehive oven. It is sometimes risky to fire up the Beehive, because of our local Bay Area Air Quality Management Bureaucracy.They may declare a "Spare the Air Day". According to their declaration,if you burn in your fireplace,run your lawnmower or even use your barbeque you are a gross polluter and should be fined into submission. Never mind the Highway, Refineries, and our local Burger Queen. Wow, I am sorry for that mini rant, that was uncalled for.

Pizza with home made dough, sauce with home grown globes of red devilishness, fancy smanchy cheese, mesquite roasted chile, and a very important ingredient, bacon/burger meat. All these and a few other ingredients are combined and fired up in our gross polluter and transformed into pizza to die for.

Oh go ahead and drag me off to jail. At least I had some killer leftovers!


Zoomie said...

We made pizza from leftovers, too, and grilled it on the Weber. It was done in an instant and really delicious. I think pizza is the staff of life.

Greg said...

They would probably have a helicopter orbiting overhead as they arrest your ass for such gross environmental sins.

Make sure you scream about the injustices perpetrated against you by "the man" as you get dragged out in front of the cameras.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Staff of life is correct.

Greg, do not get me started.My head might explode or Human Spontaneous Combustion may occur.

meathenge said...

I want that now, in my mowf. I'm hungry !!!!