Chilebrown at home

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Do you have your Chile Pepper Calendar for 2010? Larry Noggle from grows a dozen peppers, and more, in his 'Chile Patch'. He then takes some killer photos. Some recipes are added with useful chile information to make a calendar. All his peppers are grown in San Rafael California. Larry is one dedicated Chilehead. The weather has turned cold and he drives around Marin County with Chile plants in his car to keep them warm and safe.

You can purchase a calendar at several Farmers Markets or from his Website. Peppahead has lots of great stuff for the Chilehead on your Christmas list.
Marin Farmers Market: Sunday's
Santa Rosa Farmers Market: Saturdays


Chilebrown said...

Oh Cookiecrumb,
Does this look like a little drivin around town with chile/plum Marin kinda trend?

cookiecrumb said...

You know what nuts we are out here in Marin. I'm driving around with a little puppy in my car, just because. Not trying to dehydrate her, though. We have car water.

Chilebrown said...

When can we mest your sweet tart. I bet she has puppy breath. I bet she smells like prunes, dried Marin plums. You lucky person.

Peppahead said...

Hi Chilebrown, the "Chile Club Med" car paid off. The Red Savina and Bhut Jolokia chiles ripened. Will have some beautiful pics for the 2011 Chile Peppers calendar.
And now for some interesting HOT sauce. Stay tuned.