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Saturday, March 6, 2010


There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. At least I found a golden nugget at our local Mexican store. This nugget is a bacon lover’s treat. It is ‘Chicharon Compresado. This was the ultimate food find in our own backyard. What is’ Chicharon Compresado’? It is pork belly that has been deep fried in oil, cooled and put into a compress. The compress and cooking removes a lot of the excess fat. This leaves pure bacon goodness. Is it even possible this may be good for you? Well that may be stretching it.

This nugget was found at Valley Produce Market in Pinole, California. They have a great meat market. Victor the owner’s son runs the meat market. He makes this Bacon concoction on the premise. He told me that his Chicharon Compresado is unique because he uses the meaty portion of the belly. He offered several suggestions on serving and cooking with the Chicharon. Victor has a great selection of meats and poultry in his market. He will custom cut or slice any meat your heart desires. This is my connection for spareribs. He trims them to mimic baby backs. Today Chicharon was in my shopping cart.

This meat brick is fully cooked. We tried a slice with some Sierra Nevada beer. It has a wonderful pork flavor. It is not salty and has no smoke flavor. The texture is firm with a little chew. This makes a great appetizer. Victor suggested cubing the Chicharon and using it in a stir fry. This sounded good to us. We added some vegetables (of course asparagus) and served it over rice. This is what the doctor ordered. We are converts to our new food find. ‘Chicharon Compresado” has been at our doorstep just waiting to come in. “Come on in!!!

Valley Produce Market
1590 San Pablo av.
Pinole Ca. 94564
510 (724-9579)


Zoomie said...

That sounds very interesting; must make my way over there one day soon.

Mike said...

Fantastic! I've never heard of chicharon compresado before, but now I'll definitely be on the lookout for it.

Chris said...

That is an amazing find. It's like super bacon. I'll have to see if they make such a thing around here because I'd love to try some of that.

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

What a find... not here, but soon as I return, i will be trying to hunt this down

cookiecrumb said...

Ha, ha. Spongebob Squaremeat. Sounds (and looks) awesome, but I might only want a little, teeny bite.

metalchick666 said...

This sounds amazing. I need to be on the lookout for this in my area.