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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Some of you may know that I love Bacon and Barbeque. If you combine these two food groups you will have ‘Phat Matt’s BBQ’. ’Phat Matt’s BBQ’ is a restaurant located in Oakland California that specializes in smoked meats and throws in a whole lot of bacon. Candied, chocolate and bacon pecan pie will be offered at my new favorite digs. Their food offerings are so good, they claim; “So good it’ll make you want to slap yo mamma!” We can attest that this barbeque will make you do things out of the ordinary. We liked our first visit so much we returned the next week. Matt and Charlotte Gonzales are award winning barbeque competitors and have become the proprietors of this smoked meat and bacon palace.

A unique feature of the smoked meats is the absence of salt in the meat rubs. These salt free rubs were created to fill a dietary need of Charlottes. We did not even know or miss the salt because the meats were very flavorful. The barbeque sauces use all natural sugars. Be sure to ask Matt for a taste of the Ghost Pepper barbeque sauce. It will grab your attention and set fire to your taste buds.

Phat Matt’s is located in Oakland, the stomping grounds of the Oakland Raiders football team. You will see lots of Raider memorabilia situated throughout the restaurant. Large screen TV’s make this is a great place to grab a few brews and watch the game. They have a selection of draft domestic and several craft beers for the offering. They also have a happy hour for discounted libation. We will definitely be back next season proudly wearing the ‘Silver & Black’

Let’s get to the tasty section of this story. Phat Matt’s has weekly specials such as Italian beef or house cured pastrami. We returned to try the pastrami and were rewarded with a HUGE sandwich piled high with meat topped with yummy Cole slaw. The pastrami was tender and tasty. You will have to have a hearty appetite to finish this sandwich. The ribs were competition worthy. Always a judge now and I would score these very high. The brisket was fall apart delicious. It was slathered with a flavorful barbeque sauce. We loved the exterior bark of this brisket. Ms. Goofy had her pulled pork sandwich which was as tall as a building. The smoke flavor permeated this tender pork. It was accompanied by a very creamy, macaroni & cheese.

If you have room for dessert, which we did not and got ours to-go, bacon pecan pie is offered. This is decadence that could not be resisted. A few slices of candied bacon will satisfy any ones sweet tooth. If that is not enough, chocolate covered bacon may help. Home made peach cobbler will be our next item to order. You know I have found a new home.

Matt and Charlotte have a fun and tasty establishment. They have hit all my weak spots with tasty jabs. Bacon, Barbeque, Brew, Raiders what more can you ask for in a BBQ restaurant. We are planning our next visit to try the Italian Beef sandwich. You can sign up for their weekly specials and discounts. Stop on by for a barbeque treat.

Phat Matt’s BBQ
3415 Telegraph Av.
Oakland California 94609
510 879 7294


Greg said...

A little culinary delight in Oakland!Your blog always make me hungry.

Kailyn said...

Is this the old Everett & Jones location that was next to Neldam's?

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Hungry is good. Thanks

Kailyn, I am not sure. It is close to Nedlams. I used to be a Flint's man in the day.

Kailyn said...

We all loved Flint's back in the day. Only reason why I know there used to be an Everett & Jones in that area is because went there after cake tasting at Neldam's years ago -- my cousin's wedding. If it's in the same block as Neldam's then it probably is the location I'm thinking of.

I just went to The Brick Pig's House for a fix yesterday.

Haha. And my word verification is "salted."

Chilebrown said...

Kailyn, It is the same block. I have not been to 'The Brick Pig's House' yet.

Zoomie said...

Another "must try" to add to the growing list.

Charlotte said...

Thanks soooo much for the review! You rock!

Chilebrown said...

Charlottte, Phatt Matts BBQ rocks. We are new fans. See you soon!