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Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is a true story except for the parts that are not. Beef ribs are my favorite rib of choice. We were traveling on the train to Bellefontaine playing Parcheesi with Marmaduke Gunk. She suggested a dinner of beef ribs. The only problem is finding meaty ribs. The best beef ribs are usually reserved for restaurants. Our local Wally-Mart had some nice looking ribs that I could not resist. A quick trim of fat and membrane with a dusting of rub was our only preparation for our trusty smoker. A combination of hickory and apple wood will be the smoke flavor today. Five hours in a smoker set at 225 degrees transformed these ribs into meat candy.

We are harvesting fresh peas daily. For the next two weeks we are experiencing ‘Whirled Peas’ that are the sweetest treat ever. Today we served these green orbs of pleasure with pasta that was new to us. It was spinach chow mein noodle that we found at our local International Market. Some ‘Damn Fine Bacon’ coated the bottom our pan and provided a little bacon love. Onions, garlic, tomato was simmered with the bacon. The peas were added at the last minute to briefly touch the heat. This was all tossed with pasta and numerous cheeses from Ms. Goofy’s cheese vault.

Sweet, sticky, smoky, beef ribs with peas and pasta. This is how we role on most weeknights. Peas pass the beef ribs Marmaduke Gunk!


Kailyn said...

What? I had a hard time reading the post after you stated your preference for beef ribs. As the granddaughter of a hog farmer, I just cannot comprehend those words. Makes my head want to explode and all. Now the peas with pasta on the other hand makes my mouth drool.

Chilebrown said...

Kailyn, I have always preferred beef ribs. The problem is finding good ribs. Do not worry I love pork ribs too.

Greg said...

I'm sitting here in Reno before breakfast and those ribs are making me crazy! When my kids were little they would call them dinosaur bones.

Lea Ann said...

You're harvesting peas daily? Can't even imagine how good they must taste. Peas and pasta = yum.

Zoomie said...

Me want those ribs.

cookiecrumb said...

Look at all those peas! Good work, garden boy.
Beautiful plate of food. I always eat pork spareribs but now you've got me interested in these honkers.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Be sure to have dinner at Harrah's Steak House.

Lea Ann, Fresh peas are a treat. These two weeks we will have our fill.

Zoomie, Fire up the grill. Our grill will be getting a workout with this nice weather.

cookiecrumb, We really liked the spinach chow mein noodles. We will do that again.

Chris said...

Sweet! Beef ribs are my favorite too, although pork spares and babybacks don't make me yawn.

You're right about the meaty beef ribs, few and far between in retail markets.

The pasta sounds **** fine!

Zoomie said...

Me lazy. Me want _you_ to make those ribs for me. :-)

Chilebrown said...

Chris, I wish there was a beef rib category in competition.

Zoomie, Surely you jest.

Crissa said...

mouthwatering! yum yum!

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Zoomie said...

A girl can hope, can't she?

Chilebrown said...

emmanoelle, What a beautiful name.

Zoomie, You have (a) Buzz!