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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Beef Cheeks, another Mad Meat Genius first is on the barbeque today. I saw a package of beef cheeks at our local Wally World and was curious. It was shrink wrapped and looked like the darkest little red meat roast I had ever seen. Once home, in the kitchen, the wrapping was removed and the true nature of this beast was revealed. This was not a roast but several flaps of sinew and fat covered beef. It was not a pretty sight. A sharp knife dispatched the unwanted meat transgressions. The cleaned meat was rubbed with spices, rolled into a roast and secured with cotton twine. A trip to the apple wood fueled smoker for a low and slow baptism and we were cooking.
  Many hours later we were rewarded with some of the most tender and flavorful beef. I would compare the texture to slow braised veal shank. It was fall apart delicious. A lot of effort went into this meal. This was a flavorful adventure but not one that will be repeated soon.


Lea Ann said...

I just saw my first television commercial for Wally meats. I've never shopped for food there. I would have had no idea what to do with that tissue covered meat, so probably would have ruined it. Speaking about cheeks ... Denver is stoked for a good Raider spanking this year....just sayin.

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, good job! Beef cheeks are tough little bastids. I would never have guessed that slow smoking would tame the meat. Hooray!

Greg said...

Cheeky good stuff!!

Chilebrown said...

Lea Ann, We play each other week 4 and 14. I always have high hopes the beginning of the season. Think of some wagers.

cookiecrumb, Sometimes you get lucky.

Greg, We were happy.

John McQuaid said...

our beef comes directly from, fresh and on time everytime