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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Dittmer’s is a destination German meat palace, our Meat Adventure today. A fire in January of 2011 has kept this meat emporium closed until now. Dittmer’ Gourmet Meats & Wurst-Haus has a well deserved reputation for making great German style sausages, bacon, ham, various lunch meats and so much more. A lunch counter creates hundreds of different sandwiches for the populace of Los Altos. Dittmer’s has rebuilt their store several blocks away from the original location in a larger, more modern building.

The new Dittmer’s is located in a very plain non-descript building. A small street sign  will be your only clue of the meaty delights to come. Today, because of the opening, a barbeque and musician was set up in the parking lot. Dittmer’s did no advertising of this Grand Opening except for Facebook. I think all 4,710 of their friends were here today. It was crowded but that did not stop us from squeezing in and grabbing a number.

There were lots of meat & cheese samples to celebrate this rebirth. We had our fill and then some. There are lots of refrigerator and freezer cases to browse the enormous selection of meats. This is a candy store for the Mad Meat Genius. Shelves of German products are also displayed for purchase. Finally our number was called.

Sheboygan, Brats and bacon was the foundation of our shopping basket. Several smoked pork chops could not be resisted. A twenty six ounce rib-eye steak beckoned me. This steak was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. With a full cart of meat we left Dittmer’s. Welcome back old friend.

4540 El Camino Real
Los Altos, CA 94022
(650) 941-380


cookiecrumb said...

It looks fabulous. Cranky and I catered our wedding "rehearsal" dinner (really just a chance for the parents to meet, at our house) with sausages from Dittmer's.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, A most fantastic rehearsal.
I start my new job Friday as Manager of a Farmers Market.

meathenge said...

Awwww! Well, since the boys are now living in Santa Clara, Dittmer's is "on my way" these days. I'll just window shop though, no cashola for any meaty delights. I'll just breathe deeply the gathering meaty love!
xo, Biggles

Chilebrown said...

meathenge,Santa Clara is a long haul if there is traffic.
Stop on by some Friday and say hello at the market. You could ride your bicycle. This Friday is just a training day. I will be working one Friday a month for now.

meathenge said...

Hay, one Friday a month? Dang, brother man that's some crazy hours!

Sheefuh, been lucky enough to side-step the traffic, so far. Even so, it's a good 2.5 hour round trip. Will be hitting up Dittmer's soon, I can close my eyes and remember every nuance of the magical meat palace. I miss it so! xo, Biggles

Greg said...

I wish we had one in Marin. All we get is fancy expensive.
Not believing the password..asseque!

Chilebrown said...

meathenge, It works for me.

Greg, It is a little over an hour drive for us. You may have to go to the bank and then fill up the gas tank.