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Sunday, August 5, 2012


This is the first weekend in over a month that we have not been involved in a BBQ competition. Needless to say the Meat Adventures continues. Last weekend we were in Montague, California and we found ‘Shasta Valley Meats’. Shasta Valley Meats is a local butcher who specializes in processing local farmers and hunter’s meat needs. We had to pay them a visit. They just happened to have a fresh batch of bratwurst that had our name on it. We grilled them and enjoyed them immensely.

Nest on the grill was a marinated flank (flap) steak. What made this marinade special was the red curry paste and lime juice that covered it. Our local International market sells small cans of red curry paste. This was combined with fresh squeezed lime juice from our lime tree in the backyard. A little vegetable oil was added and all was put in the ice cave for several hours. A dusting of salt and pepper and a blast of fire from mesquite charcoals finished our spicy meat treat. Next, on the fire will be some beef cheeks. Stay tuned!


Zoomie said...

I heard about a "recipe" for brats wrapped in hamburger, then wrapped in bacon, chilled, then bbqd. If you have leftover brats...

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie that sounds great but I would not used cooked Brats.
I am glad your bacon turned out and I hope you are a convert.

Chilebrown said...

Cookiecrumb, Today we had Lumpia with salsa made with home grown ingredients at the Dart Tournament. Nest week I will carry you to the foul line for a Bulls Eye of fun.

cookiecrumb said...

Oh. I was busy landing on Mars!

Toons said...

Well I've had Bass cheeks and Salmon cheeks but never Beef cheeks. Looking forward to the "tail", Cheers!

Greg said...

Even though you had me at meats what sides did you have. Inquiring minds want to know.