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Thursday, February 5, 2015


Last summer we judged a local bbq contest in Martinez California called 'King of the County BBQ Challenge.' This was a great competition showcasing local bbq talent. Greg & Kerry were winners of first place chicken who also happen to own a small batch bbq spice rub company called 'Dog Day Spice Rub'. This company is more than just a business but a passion to help people make fantastic food. This mission statement rings true to my heart. Through social media we connected and I was sent this fun line-up of spice rubs. Dog Day Spice Rub makes six different unique rubs for different meat applications.

Gluten free, no msg, no preservatives make these rubs flavor bombs in a package. A fun feature of these rubs is the label depicting a dog that has impacted Greg & Kerry's lives. Today we are sampling 'Jack's Paw Lickin' Rub'. Jack was their easy going black Labrador.. Jack's Paw rub was opened to reveal a very pleasant fresh spice aroma. I took a pinch to sample the flavor. The flavors were vibrant and fresh. The balance of peppers, spices and salt were balanced. This rub was mild with no noticeable heat from peppers. Of course, will all rubs, the test will be with the cook.

Jacks's Paw Lickin' Rub is an all purpose rub that is reported to work well with beef, chicken, pork, vegetables and even popcorn. It did win first place with chicken in Martinez. We are going to use this rub with a steak and a very special American Kobe brisket. We rubbed the aged New York steak with the rub. It was cooked over a very high heat. The sugars caramelized and melded with the spices to create a crust that was scrumptious. This rub worked well to enhance our steak experience. Next was a very special brisket. I believe the image will speak for itself. This rub was one components of the best brisket experience we have ever had. WoW.

We really enjoyed Dog Day Spice Rub Jack's Paw Lickin' Rub. It is an all-purpose rub that we enjoyed on beef. It has won awards in chicken in our local bbq contest. Dog Day Spice Rub company has a fun line-up of spice rubs that uses fresh and vibrant ingredients. We cannot wait to explore some of their other unique and special rub offerings. Anybody that names spice rubs after their dogs is okay in my book. Our dog Lucy would love to have her own lineup of  bbq spice rubs. Stay tuned for more Dog Day Spice Rubs.

Dog Day Spice Company
1 (925) 917-0416


greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Brown you just had to post one more picture of your fabulous brisket and used Dog day spice company as a excuse. You are a tease. GWH OUT

Chilebrown said...

greatwhite hunter, I have just consumed the last sandwich. Those images are memories that I cherish. Are you ready for double orders of stuffing and a bucket of gravy?

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Love the bark on that brisket. Pure art!

greatwhite hunter said...

I am first and last and that double order of stuffing and bucket of gravy is still with me GWH out