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Monday, February 2, 2015


 It was one of those moments. It was like discovering ice cream or chocolate for that very first time. That first little nibble of Snake River Farms American Kobe beef brisket was a sensory jolt of excitement that was amazing. Maybe we should start from the beginning. Ms. Goofy gave me the most wonderful Christmas present of a full packer brisket from Snake River Farms. Snake River is considered the gold standard of beef in the competitive bbbq community and by chefs. American Kobe beef is from premium cattle stock that has been crossed with the infamous Japanese Kobe Wagyu cattle. It has been said the Japanese Kobe Wagyu cattle receive special care that includes massages and beer or sake. Our beef today has premium credentials with a price tag to match. This Christmas present was very special.

The Super Bowl seemed like the perfect time to break out this special gift. To be honest I was a little nervous cooking this 13 pound piece of gold. I have cooked brisket in the past with mixed results. Brisket can be difficult to cook to maximize flavor and tenderness. I enlisted some help and pointers from my friends in the bbq community. They were more than happy to give advice and were excited for our cook. When you mention American Kobe from Snake River, people know that you have something special.
   I will spare you all the details of the cook because it is lengthy. I did trim the packer of the fat and reserved it for future hamburger duties. The Weber Smoky Mountain cooker controlled by the Stoker and fueled by charcoal, hickory and apple wood would be put into use. The alarm was set for 4;00 am Super Bowl morning. The outer bark was set and then the packer was wrapped. The internal temperature reached 205 degrees and the roast was pulled. The foiled brisket was hidden away for exactly an hour: A very long hour.

This was the moment we had been waiting for. I slowly unwrapped the brisket. Steamy essence of beef wafted through the wrapper. I am not sure if it was the steam or tears of joy but this was a beautiful brisket moment. I gently placed a carving fork into the brisket to lift it out of its rendered juices. I lifted the brisket from the foil and set it on carving board. This brisket was so tender it jiggled as I put it on the board. It was that moment that I knew this was something special. The flat and point were separated. The point would be cubed and transformed into burn ends. (Meat Candy).

The flavor of this meat was decadently rich. The slices and cubes had concentrated essence beef love (fat) with a butter like quality. Beef flavor was rich and soulful. I experienced the definition of swoon. I could place a piece of brisket in my mouth, close my eyes and actually feel a little light-headed with feelings of joy and pleasure. WOW. This was everything and more in brisket lore. Thankyou Ms. Goofy you are the best.


Ms Goofy said...

It was my pleasure,truly! These were the best burnt ends I've ever tasted! Great job!

Greg said...

Now I lay me down to eat! Amen!

Zoomie said...

Oh, man, that just sounds out of this world! Lucky guy who has such a good wife, too!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

999 for sure. Looks outstanding. Now, I hear that cooking one of those beauties is a completely different ball game than a standard brisket. Is that the case?

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Brown let me get this straight, your wonderful wife got you a Snake River Farms American Kobe beef brisket for Christmas and baked a peacan pie too. What did you do buy her a new car? Was she bad, did she over the draw the checking account, go over the limit on her visa? What the hell! I just relized she posted a comment, has she ever posted before? I am so confused! Did you promise unlimited back rubs for christmas? If you did that, you have set the bar way to high, you will be sorry, I know I was. GWH OUT! Oh yeah I forgot what I was originally going to post, YOU ARE A TEASE, IS THEIR ANYONE ELSE YOU SEND PICTURES ADAY BEFORE YOU POST OR AM I JUST SPECIAL? A CONFUSED GWH OUT!!!

greatwhite hunter said...

I am not finshed, did you buy her a diamond ring. what hell is going on, she posted the burnt ends were the best she ever tasted. My world is out of balance!! A specheless GWH out

Chilebrown said...

Ms. Goofy, Did you know this is my birthday month. Just sayin.

Greg, Layin down are standin up this was a great brisket. I need another sandwich.

Zoome, It was out of this world great.

Three Dogs BBQ, Not real sure on what you heard. We cooked it like any other brisket. One of our bbq friends claimed you can bring the temp up to 215 with great results. I pulled it at 205 and it was the bomb.

Greatwhite hunter, It is pretty rare when Ms. Goofy tickles the keyboard with her thoughts. This was a magical brisket that inspired her. Copy on your unbalanced world. Maybe a double order of stuffing with a bucket of gravy will help. Pecan pie is a must have item with brisket you know.

Chris said...

We did one for Father's Day last year and LOVED it. SRF is some fantastic beef. Pricey but worth it on occasion.