Chilebrown at home

Sunday, September 6, 2015


It has been several years since we have attended the John Ascuaga's Nugget rib cook-off in Sparks Nevada. This is a 5 day event that is more of a festival than competition. Thousand of rib hungry spectators feast on ribs cooked by 24 different vendors from around the world. This event is huge. Wednesday night was the rib eating contest won by Matt Megatoad Stonie consuming 10.5 pounds of ribs in 12 minutes. We loaded up the racing Honda and sped to Sparks to enjoy two days of rib splendor.

We like to attend the event early in the week to avoid the weekend crowds. Even so this event is really popular and lines for ribs were common. We sampled several vendors offering of ribs. These were not competition style ribs but fall off the bone tasty. Ms. Goofy loved her offering of pulled pork served over Mac & Cheese.

Our friend Scott of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce was present hawking his line up of hot sauces. This was a good way to spice up any rib meal. There were hundreds of vendors selling everything from hot sauce to bamboo pillows. I am not sure if I would want to wake up with splinters. This was another great year to attend the rib cook-off. This events final day is Monday, so there is still time to get to Sparks and get your rib on.


Big Dude said...

Looks like you got hold of some good food. Is this the event that has been on TV?

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Most likely it was. This is event is huge and draws people from far away. I did see local T.V. stations filming. Good times.

Lucky Dog said...

Hey thanks for the shout out - was great seeing you guys there. I had ribs from Famous Dave's & from the Aussie folks, but the star for me was the bacon/chipotle mac & cheese from the place up the street from us with the checkerboard sign - embarrassed to say I forgot the name.