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Thursday, September 10, 2015


As you may recall, we were ecstatic to see the rebirth of the crumb sweeper at Flemings Steak House. The simple act of a server using a specialized implement to gracefully sweep wayward bread crumbs from the tablecloth used to be standard procedure at high end steak houses. We are fans of the Harrah’s steak house in Reno. We have been going there for years to receive old fashioned, old school, stylish steak house faire. This is the place that used to have a designated crumb sweeper whose sole job was to sweep and maybe refill water glasses. This last weekend we returned to see if Harrah’s Steak House was still in old school splendor.

We do have to admit, one is treated like royalty at Harrah’s Steakhouse.  You feel the need to dress up in your Sunday finest to be part of the experience here. It starts at the front desk, were the proper maĆ®tre d greets you and starts the grand procession called diner. The busboy, who was not a boy but a seasoned server that did not have waiter status, was our first food contact. Water, bread, butter and amuse-bouche of crostini, topped with a pate of cheese and herbs was immediately served. Finally our official waiter gracefully appeared and recited some decadent specials. We really do not need to see the menu because we usually order the same meal at any steakhouse we participate at. We do sneak a peek to see the pedigree of the beef and whether or not we will have to mortgage the house to pay the bill.

This particular steak house has the most decadent creamy five onion soup served in a hollowed out Carruso onion topped with Gruyere cheese. Ms. Goofy cannot resist this fun decadent starter to her meal. After our first course a palette cleanser of lime sorbet and champagne is offered as a nice touch. The steaks were rolled out on an elegant cart with polished silver domes covering our USDA prime steaks. Perfectly cooked to beefy satisfaction was what we expected and received. The meal was coming to an end and it was time to see if the Crumb Sweeper would appear.

I did strategically place some bread crumbs near my half full water glass. I wanted to avail the busboy every opportunity to see these lost crumbs. The table was cleared. The busboy returned to refill the water glass. The moment of truth had arrived. Sadly those wayward lost crumbs are still on the table for eternity. Harrah’s Steakhouse still is an elegant steakhouse experience but; The Crumb Sweeper has died.


Big Dude said...

Great looking meals and I guess costs must be trimmed somewhere.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, Sure costs are going up along with meal prices too. We just miss this little added attraction and the busboy(man) did miss crumbs on the table. Harrah's Reno still is class in my book.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

We still have the crumb sweeper at Ruth's Chris. But, maybe someday this will come to pass...

Greg said...

The prime rib got my attention! Harrah's has been advertising some great hotel prices. Got to go Reno soon!

Chris said...

Look at you, Mr High and Mighty, being all oppressive to the crumbs. POWER TO THE CRUMBS!

Love that idea for onion soup in an onion.