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Saturday, August 1, 2009


A well known secret produce stand is located in Solano County. It is Larry's Produce in Fairfield California. It fairly easy to find. Travel east on interstate 80 and go left at the Budweiser plant on Suisun Valley road. Travel a couple of scenic miles. You will see olives, grapes and whole assortement of vegetables growing. You will know when you have arrived at Larry's by the huge mass of cars. It sort of reminds me of the Berkeley Bowl parking lot country style. If you see a wheel barrow grab it. This will be your shopping cart. Don't worry you will fill it up by the end of your adventure.

Larry's has a lot of fruit and produce growing right next to the stand. They will supply the bucket and turn you loose to pick it yourself. For those of us who want to miss that experience there is plenty all ready picked for purchase.

The prices on everything is outright cheap!! How can Larry's do this? Maybe they have cut out the middleman. It is possible that our local grocers are overcharging. They are located in the middle of the fertile Suisun Valley. Everything is fresh and constantly being restocked. You are not going to find organic at this establishment. If your looking for farm fresh and cheap this is the place.

Larry's Produce

4606 Suisun Valley Rd

Fairfield, CA 94534-3112
(707) 864-8068‎

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meathenge said...

I believe I've been there. Between your description and the pictures. It was a MADHOUSE with huge carts/wheel barrows coming and going. Huge families everywhere buying tons of produce. We visited it last year for Suisun Valley's Farm Days or some such thing.